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We partner the Bhadrajun Artisans Trust (BAT) to provide access to high-quality education for boys and girls at the rural level using English as the medium of instruction. The schools view primary education as a major stepping stone towards social mobility, equality and employment opportunities.

Since its inception, the schools have been committed to encouraging education for girls in a culture where most parents who can afford an English medium school would send only their sons. To realise the dream of providing an equal educational opportunity for girls, the school has a policy of subsidising their tuition. The school provides scholarships for girls. It is a matter of pride that girls hold many leadership posts in the school. In addition, the school seeks to enrol and subsidise children from socially and economically marginalised communities who otherwise do not have access to quality education. One of the most important values imparted is for students to stay connected to their birthplace. They are instilled with a sense of pride in their local heritage and a sense of responsibility for the future of Rajasthan.
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Sharmila Vijayvargi: It all starts with a quick fix solution to a problem

Every person in this world around us is going through a tough phase, which might appear easy to us. But certainly, for that person, it is one task to get over the problem being faced by him/her. The phrase indicates that one requires looking around to find a solution to the problems and not sit idle thinking at solutions will come to their doorstep.

Speaking about this phrase, Mr Earle Dickson realised that his wife repeatedly gets minor cuts while chopping vegetables, he decided to cover her fingers with some cotton pad which sticks. While doing so, he faced a lot of issues relating to the size, texture etc, of the cotton pad. While not giving up on his idea and protecting his wife from all the minor cuts, he accidentally discovered what we today know as “Band-aid”. This looks very easy and simple to be an example but this determination to protect wife’s fingers while cutting vegetables without causing her any inconvenience in performing her works led to a very genius discovery of Band-aid.

Learning from the life of Mr Earle Dickson, we can conclude that there exists a solution for every problem, how big or small it may be. We just need the right approach and direction to find a solution and then implement it. One should always try to move ahead on a solution-centric approach rather than keeping on problem-centric approach because problems form a part and parcel of everyone’s life.

The most important part to remember is to keep trying and not wait for circumstances to become better. We often tend to underestimate our own potential to solve our problems, and do not realise that something which may seem small or inconsequential to us could pave the way to a bigger solution than we initially imagined. Belief in oneself and an unquenchable drive to take matters into our own hands is a quality that takes us a long way in life.
 Sharmila Vijayvargi
Educator, The Fabindia School, Bali

Valeria Brown: Why you should join Learning Forward?

Valeria Brown, professional development trainer and Learning Forward Board Member, explains why her membership with Learning Forward is important to her. Learn more about Learning Forward memberships here: https://www.LearningForward.IN

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