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Our Focus
Transforming professional learning, increasing educator capacity, and improving student achievement. We focus on school transformation with an emphasis on culture as a service. We'll design a plan that meets your unique needs and improves teaching and learning in your system.

Our Advisors
We have a committed set of advisors from all over the world. With 300+ years of total experience, the leaders are committed to our mission of school culture transformation.

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AI MADE EASY BY Professor M.M. Pant

Better learning is not memorising!
We need to inculcate the ability to learn, need for lifelong learners and building learning communities.

Prof. M.M. Pant is promoting the ideation, development and delivery of educational products, processes and services for the next generation learning space in the post Internet post-WTO world. In tune with the emerging Knowledge-Economy, he is exploring the creation of quality Knowledge products and ways of enhancing the productivity of Knowledge workers.
To promote learning, thinking and caring to achieve the higher goals of human existence and flourish, prosper, thrive and be happy and fulfilled in the rapidly changing future. To be future-ready.
To raise the economic potential through personalised learning interventions covering knowing, being and doing for better and 21st Century Skills enhancement of unskilled, poorly skilled and erstwhile excluded individuals, leading not only to their prosperity but also leading to higher national productivity and greater GDP, giving India a pivotal position in the world economy.

Learning 221™ is a program for effective and authentic learning in the 2nd decade of the 21st century

Prof Shankar Sahay: Hats off to Fabindia!

"Indeed a pleasure to pay a visit to The Fabindia School, located at Bali Village near Falna in Rajasthan, its an initiative of Fabindia where they educate over 500 village students by way of not only usual classroom teaching but also by involving nature, be it in the form of Gurukul style setting or organic farming. Hats off to Fabindia, LFIN for this much-required initiative." Prof Shankar Sahay 

Prof Sahay is a member of Learning Forward India, he paid a maiden visit the School, to understand what is LFIN and how we deliver our Programs. Email

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