Anjali Keshwani: Spiritual Awakened Path

My happiness lies in the next job,
I will be satisfied when I open the nob,

My physical well being is a priority,
I will be fit when I exercise and eat healthily.

My knowledge defines wisdom and intellect,
I will be learned when I can preach and direct.

My responsibilities for my family to nurture,
I will be glad if I can develop that culture.

My traditions, beliefs and customs are an asset,
I will be appreciated by people is all a mindset.

My idea of happiness lay embedded in destination addiction,
My day to day activities is governed by materialistic inclination.

A day dawned upon and awakened me at the core,
Inner peace, contentment, servility and to be pure.

These pursuits are rich sources to nourish the soul,
Humility, chastity and to love humanity as a whole.

My Master’s, support, enlightenment and guidance,
create a catalyst, and paves my path for sustenance.

Anjali Keshwani, 
Middle School Coordinator 
Darshan Academy

Sharmila Vijayvargi: SPEAKING

Speaking is sharing of thoughts, ideas and knowledge verbally.  Speaking adds value to our expressions and improves our communication skills. A good orator is always a treat to the ears.

Speaking, alike reading helps to organise our thoughts and communicate well and thus leading to better expressions. Speaking improves pronunciation, brings clarity of words and helps in understanding different sounds.

Speaking has a positive impact on your personality. It helps in communicating with peers, groups, students and everyone around. Speaking does not mean using only one language. Like reading, speaking in multiple languages makes one an effective communicator. Speaking is expressing feelings and thus should be done in the language in which one is most comfortable.

Speaking helps children learn better and faster because of the practices and approaches adopted by educators/teachers for pre-schoolers including saying aloud songs, rhymes, the story actually leads to powerful learning.  Learning through speaking at a young age helps the child has a clear speech which ultimately leads to better and effective communication.

Speaking has a lot of benefits. It helps children put out their opinion and suggestions during discussions. Organising activities such as debate, extempore helps bring about clarity and coherence of thoughts in children leading to better communication. Speaking helps students develop a habit of reacting and asking questions and builds critical thinking. It also helps shy and introvert students come out of their comfort zone and speaking leads to develop listening skills simultaneously.

Sharmila Vijayvargi
The Fabindia School,

It’s That of Time The Year

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Ratna Manucha wears many hats - writer, storyteller and educationist.
She has written numerous stories and poems for her young readers. Her stories have also been published by CBT and NBT and her work has found a wide readership in India and abroad.