Book Cafe is now The English Book Depot

Book CafĂ© is now part of  The English Book Depot (EBD) Dehradun. EBD and Book Cafe are happy to serve the customers with the same old belief 'we care for you'. Book Cafe was originally promoted by The English Book Depot in 2003, and grew to a chain of 48 bookstores in 2009, owned and operated by EBD Book Cafe Pvt Ltd. The promoters of the company then decided to wind up and the Book Cafe customers were indeed the ones who faced the maximum challenges. Our heart and more so spirit is with the book lovers and we do regret the inconvenience so caused. To help us reach our fantastic customers The English Book Depot stores now in Dehra Dun and Ludhiana will serve you please. Welcome to call us on +911352655192 for support and service. Yes we will soon be offering an online store from