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The Greatest Minds

There are two parts- the greatest minds and the most beautiful minds. The great minds are scientists such as infinity minds solving the most intricate problems of Quantum Physics; and the most beautiful in poetry, art and music  produce the most beautiful  ideas. The first came from Einstein  studied by Count Alfred Korzybski  in Science and Sanity. Robert Oppenheimer at the Princeton University Institute For Advanced Study told Paul Dirac that he was going to place his portrait beside one of Einstein on a wall and they would be the only people on that wall .The second comes from oceanic poetry and Dr Kathleen Raine's Temenos- her worlds of the Imagination. Both use creative infinity mind and not words. 
The greatest ideas and poetry come from the super- conscious, which is manifested in the hissing  of the brain, leading to this poetry  being called oceanic: eg that of  Rumi, Kabir, Suhrawardi. In India it is named Kundalini; in the Mediterranean the Mystery Ceremonies  held in caves where the  leaders used the hissing Syrinx-Greek pan pipe, which trained students that  the leaders thought were being turned into gods.

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