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Not Only the Things That Have Happened
By - Mridula Koshy

About the Book : 

A woman relinquishes her four-year-old son to tourists passingthrough town. Losing him, she loses the story of her future. Aworld away from her, the boy becomes a man without the story of hispast. Decades on, the mother struggles on her death bed to find thestory that will release her from life; the son's struggle is forthe story that will allow him to live.
Not Only the Things That Have Happened is a novel aboutthestories that make us and break us and then remake us. The noveltakes place over a thirty-six hour period, travelling betweenfar-flung places, characters, the past and the future. Time is acharacter here, revealing that though the story of our present isalways told for us, the story of the past and the future is ours totell.

About the Author : 
Mridula Koshy's short-story collection If It Is Sweet(Tranquebar Press, 2009; Brass Monkey, 2011), won the 2009 ShaktiBhatt First Book Prize and was shortlisted for the 2009 VodafoneCrossword Book Award.
Koshy lives in New Delhi and Portland, Oregon, with herpoet-school teacher partner and three exceptionally wonderfulchildren.
 ISBN : 9789350293942                                                                Price : Rs. 499.00 

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