The Ultimate Army Cookbook 
A Memsahib Cooks
By - Kikky Sihota

About the Book : 
The Ultimate Army Cookbook: A Memsahib Cooks is a salute to thearmy by Kikky Sihota. Born into an army family, Kikky has been accustomed to playing host to a crowd that takes good company and delicious food for granted.
With an inventory consisting of wonderful experiences filled with laughter, sorrow and bonding that depict life in the armed forces, this book has all the necessary ingredients for a victory.Divided into battalions that cover everything from Choti Hazari and Badi Hazari to elegant high teas, from Paagal Gymkhanas to picnics and shikars, the recipes here are a result of years of practice drills where she would have to keep her kitchen well stocked to feed the many young officers, hold cooking classes for young army wives. Firepower comes in the form of over 100 delightful recipes such as Major Greys Chicken, Madras Lancers Fish, Babinas Cheesecake and much more.
For any food lover, this book is a welcome invasion into their kitchen.

About the Author : 
Kikky Sihota was born, not with the proverbial silver spoon, but with a beating whisk in her hand and an intense passion for cooking. She graduated in Home Science and married into the Indian army where her culinary efforts received much appreciation and she started cookery classes in the mid-1970s. Her travels in India and abroad gave her the opportunity to not only teach, but learn and add to her knowledge about international food. This is her fifth book, based on her life in the army.
 ISBN : 9788174369048                                                                  PRICE : Rs. 795.00