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Healer Dr Prathap Chandra Reddy
By : Pranay Gupte

About the Book
A chain of more than 71 healthcare centres, more than 2,950 beds, largest telemedicine provider in India and around the world including Sri Lanka, Ghana, Nigeria, Oman, Bangladesh, Qatar, Republic of Mauritius, Kuwait and many more countries, the first in India to receive a form of International healthcare accreditation—The Apollo Group of Hospitals.
A brainchild of Dr. Prathap Chandra Reddy—When everyone thinks how to spend their retirement days at the age of 50, Dr. Reddy brought a new wave of revolution in the field of medicine and healthcare in India with the establishment of the first health care hospital Apollo in 1983.
The renowned cardiologist launched the new venture was country’s first professionally run private sector hospital system. Apollo Group of Hospitals is considered as the best multiple super-specialty hospitals with gym and other healthcare services. More than 32 million men and women have been treated at Apollo’s fifty hospitals, which are staffed by over 70,000 professionals.
Know more about this pioneer venture in the field medicine in the book Healer: Dr. Prathap Chandra Reddy and the Transformation of India by Pranay Gupte. Full of delightful anecdotes and dramatic twists and turns, The Healer tells Dr. Reddy’s inspirational story like it has never been told before.

About the Author :
Born in Mumbai, Pranay Gupte was educated at Brandeis and Columbia Universities. He worked for the New York Times as a staff reporter, and as a foreign correspondent in Africa, the Middle East and Asia; he was a columnist for Newsweek, and contributed to Forbes and other major international publications. The author of several books, he has also produced documentaries for public television, and published The Earth Times, an environmental newspaper. He divides his time between New Delhi and New York.
   ISBN : 9780670086801                                                   Price : Rs. 899.00   

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