A Portrait of Twenty - First Century Delhi
By - Rana Dasgupta

About the Book :
The boom following the opening up of Indias economy in the early 1990's plunged its capital city into a tumult of destruction and creation: slums and markets were bulldozed or burnt down and shopping malls and apartment blocks erupted from the ruins or upon agricultural land taken over in the interests of business and modernization. Immense fortunes were made and in the glassy stores lining the new highways, customers paid for global luxury with bags of cash. Meanwhile, hundreds of thousands of people from the rural hinterland streamed into the newly formed National Capital Region looking for work, which they often found constructing, cleaning or guarding the homes of the increasingly affluent middle class. The transformation of the city was stern, abrupt and unequal and it gave rise to new and bewildering feelings. Delhi brimmed with ambition and rage. Bizarre crimes stole the headlines. In his first work of non-fiction, Rana Dasgupta shows us this new Delhi through the eyes of its people....Read more »

About the Author
Rana Dasgupta is the bestselling author of Tokyo Cancelled and Solo. Solo' by Rana Dasgupta has won the Commonwealth Writers' Prize Best Book: Europe and South Asia. He was born in England in 1971 and grew up in Cambridge. Having lived in France, Malaysia and the US, he moved to Delhi in 2001. His first bestselling book, Tokyo Cancelled, a thirteen-part story cycle, has been translated into six languages. He is currently working on a novel about science and daydreams.
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About the Book
This super-handy manual, first published in 1973, has received a major upgrade. Seventeen chapters' worth of fixer-upper opportunities are enhanced with more than 3,000 photos and illustrations that would look equally at home in an upscale home decorating catalogue. The first few chapters cover hand and power tools, fasteners and adhesives, and are enough to incite hardware envy among even dwellers of tiny apartments. There is strange beauty in the cutaway views of five different hollow-wall fasteners and the machinations of nine types of pliers. But homeowners are, of course, the real target audience, and an all-new section on Landscaping reflects this with entries on fences, water gardens and retaining walls. The plumbing section offers a mega-view of wastewater-treatment systems as well as a micro-exploration of unclogging a toilet. Another new section, Storage Projects, is full of cabinets and shelves that either "Swing-out" or "Fold-away." New technologies are generally overlooked in favor of meat-and-potatoes projects. For instance, a home satellite dish is pictured but not indexed or dwelled upon, while carpeting is charted, graphed and deconstructed in the extreme. Intriguing sidebars on wood refinishers (the fastest drying versus the safest), the financial benefits of renting specialty tools for a large drywall project and other subjects round out this must-have guide.
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By : Katie Mckissick

About the Book
Everyone knows that if you come from a family of brunettes, you're likely to be born with brown hair. But did you know your hair color may also affect how often you get sunburned? Or how often you need to take vitamin supplements?
What's in Your Genes? goes beyond Gregor Mendel and dominant/recessive genes to show you all the ins and outs of what determines your DNA. Each entry provides you with a sneak peek into your DNA sequence and teaches you exactly how your body is able to create that wonderful you-ness that no one else has. From your tastebuds to your eye color to your obsession with clinical-strength deodorants, this book not only guides you through the history and study of genetics, but also shows you how those four little letters in your DNA make you who you are.

About the Author :
Katie McKissick is the author and illustrator of Beatrice the Biologist. A former high school biology teacher, she currently writes for a university engineering school's office of communications and Symbiartic, a Scientific American blog on "the art of science and the science of art." Katie also runs science comic workshops, and ran a workshop at Science Online 2013.
 ISBN : 9781440567643                                                            Price : Rs. 450.00 

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