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Bird in A Banyan Tree
By - Bina Ramani

About the Book :
Fashion designer, entrepreneur, restaurateur, social worker, agony aunt, visionary, socialite many  labels have been applied to Bina Ramani. But what is her real story? From arriving as a refugee child in India during Partition to having Binatone, a successful electronics brand, named after her; from a nine-year-old sitting on her favourite black rock, watching the waves and weaving dreams in Mumbai, to a passionate relationship with screen idol Shammi Kapoor; from a loveless marriage and a bitter divorce, to opening her own stores and changing the face of Delhis Hauz Khas Village; from searching for her daughters across continents, to being taken in police custody and sent to Tihar Jail for being a stubbornly honest witness; from being vilified by the media to being lauded by the country for her heroic role in the Jessica Lal murder casein this inspiring, no-holds-barred memoir, Bina tells it all.
About the Author :
Bina Ramani divides her time between New Delhi, Goa and New York and enjoys exploring the cultural roots of people of all races. She is passionate about Sufi music, painting, photography, travel, cooking and other good things of life. She currently works with the rehabilitation of child victims of sexual abuse and networks with exceptional women in an effort to empower underprivileged women across the globe.  
  ISBN : 9788129129123                                                                Price : Rs. 500.00  

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