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By - Juliet Macur

About the Book :
A fly-on-the-wall account of the greatest drama in modern sporting history by the New York Times cycling correspondent. As Lance Armstrong's precipitous fall from grace continues, New York Times sports reporter Juliet Macur takes the reader behind the scenes to bring to life the astonishing twists and turns of the scandal that has rocked the world of cycling. With unprecedented access to the key players in the drama - from Armstrong's fellow cyclists and top cycling officials to doctors, trainers and wives - Cycle of Lies reveals how Armstrong built a fortress of people around him to protect his image and upend the lives of anybody who stood in his way. As America's fallen idol faces potential perjury charges, Cycle of Lies widens the focus to expose corruption at all levels of the sport in a thrilling, page-turning work of contemporary narrative history.

About the Author :
Juliet Macur is a leading sports reporter for The New York Times. Since 2004, she has covered the Olympics and Olympic sports, doping and legal issues for the paper. She has been at the forefront of reporting the Lance Armstrong story. She lives in New York City.
  ISBN : 9780007565153                               PRICE : Rs. 499.00  


Midnights Descendants
By- John Keay

About the Book :
If British India had not been partitioned in 1947, its population would today be comfortably the worlds largest. At c1.5 billion, Midnights Descendants (the offspring of those affected by the midnight hour Partition) already outnumber Europeans and Chinese and they are growing faster than either. By 2020 they will constitute a quarter of the worlds entire population. As well as comprising the peoples of what is now called South Asia (the preferred term for the partitioned subcontinent of modern India, Pakistan and Bangladesh, plus Nepal and Sri Lanka) they are widely established across the globe. Midnights Descendants is the first general history ever published to treat the region as a whole. Correlating and contrasting the fortunes of all the constituent nations over the last six decades affords unique insights into the tensions and conflicts that divide what is being hailed as one of the worlds most dynamic regions. Written by a widely respected expert on the region, the book will be the first account to incorporate the rich story of South Asias transnational, or diasporic, peoples. It will examine attitudes towards their homeland of the 22 million overseas South Asians and will assess their contributions to the self-image of the parent states, to economic survival in the case of Nepal, Pakistan and Bangladesh and to Indias globalised achievement. Like Midnights Children, Midnights Descendants will be expansive and tumultuous in the great tradition of Indias narrative epics.

About The Author :
Author was formerly a special correspondent for the Economist and a documentary-maker for the BBC. He is the author of several books on the Indian subcontinent, including the bestselling India: A History.
   ISBN No. : 9780007565115   
   PRICE : Rs. 599.00   

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The Himalayan Face Off
By- Shishir Gupta

About the Book :
Even if bilateral trade between India and China goes beyond $100 billion in the coming years, China's posture towards India is adversarial and will perhaps remain so in the future, with Beijing viewing New Delhi through the prism of the Dalai Lama and the Tibetan government-in-exile... A rising China, inflexible on boundary dispute resolution and with strong tentacles across South Asia and beyond, could encroach on India's strategic space and lead to a potential crisis this decade.' In April 2013, Indian troops sighted an advance patrol of the Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA) 19 km deep within Indian territory, a considerable distance from the Line of Actual Control, the de facto border claim line that was drawn up after the 1962 war between the two countries - a war that still traumatizes the mind of India's political and military establishment. Protracted negotiations led to the withdrawal of the Chinese troops, but the incursion laid bare the intent of the world's largest standing army. Despite recent advances in the bilateral relationship, highlighted by the nearly $70 billion trade between the two countries, China continues to regard Indian interests as secondary, and India as a regional adversary. In this breakthrough work, seasoned journalist and author of the bestselling Indian Mujahideen Shishir Gupta details the various advances made by Beijing, particularly the PLA, in encircling India and stifling the latter's bid to break out as an aspiring superpower. Gupta discusses Indian political, diplomatic and military responses to China's assertion in the subcontinent and beyond, and the various course corrections India must undergo in its foreign and defence policies to counter China's might and influence on matters of India's national security. In describing how India must realize and counter China's clout over its friends and enemies if it is to achieve superpower status, Gupta sheds new light on Indo-China relations. The Himalayan Face-Off: Chinese Assertion and the Indian Riposte is an important reminder of the realigned geopolitics of the modern world, where the two most populous nations on the planet are essentially battling each other over their share of the global pie - sometimes on the world's highest battlegrounds.

About the author
Author of the best-selling Indian Mujahideen: The Enemy Within (Hachette India, 2011), Shishir Gupta is currently Deputy Executive Editor at Hindustan Times. As a journalist covering geopolitics and strategic affairs, he has reported widely on wars, insurgencies, terrorism, intelligence, defence and diplomacy over the last two decades. Gupta was conferred the Ben Gurion Award for Journalism in 2011. He has also worked with the Indian Express and India Today.
  ISBN : 9789350095799  
  Price : Rs. 650.00  

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