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About the Book :
The opening up of the Indian economy in 1991 decisively brought the country into the age of globalization, and there has been no turning back. The policies set in motion by the Congress and later carried forward by the Bharatiya Janata Party have shaped the country over the last two decades—not just its economy but also its culture and society. Places like Gurgaon transformed from nondescript towns to luxury-living addresses almost overnight. Indian IT firms earned renown and respect abroad, while big names such as the Tatas and Mittals grabbed headlines with high-profile overseas acquisitions. Those that managed to find a place in the enlarging-yet-shrinking global world have prospered. But increasing numbers farmers and adivasis, migrants and slum dwellers are feeling left out, bringing to the fore wide gashes in India’s social fabric. Based on personal interviews, field trips and research, Dilip Hiro weaves a narrative out of the stories of the ordinary and extraordinary Indians about how globalization has affected the country and its many children, both home and away.

Dilip Hiro is a seasoned political writer, journalist, and analyst based in London. He writes for many newspapers and magazines, including the Guardian, Observer, Independent, New York Times, Washington Post and India Today. He is a frequent commentator on West, Central and South Asian and Islamic affairs for the BBC, Sky, CNN and Al Jazeera International, among others. He is the author of more than thirty books. Among them are the highly praised Between Marx and Muhammad, War without End, The Essential Middle East, Blood of the Earth and The Timeline History of India. 
  ISBN : 9789351362661                                                                     Price: Rs. 699.00  

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