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BOOKS OF THE WEEK - 16th January

How Modi Won It- Notes from the 2014 Election
BY - Harish Khare

About the Book
Marked by deep ideological divisions, a massive advertising blitz and an election campaign that could claim to rival the US presidential polls, the 2014 general election has been called 'historic' for its verdict, which marked the first time in three decades a political party received a majority in the Lok Sabha.In this personal, partisan and superbly perceptive narrative of how the dice rolled through the last 4 months leading up to 16 May 2014, Harish Khare - journalist, columnist, scholar and former media adviser to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh - provides an honest,impassioned record of India's greatest democratic exercise.Through a meticulous account of what he saw, heard and read, Khare elucidate show the different political stakeholders kneaded into their day-to-day campaign rhetoric the latent cultural angst, economic anxieties and political expectations of a nation that has changed irrevocably over the past decade to persuade the Indian voter. From the brilliant and flexible campaign pitch made by the BJP to the jaded and outdated Congress rhetoric, from openly expressed middle-class aspirations to rural India's hopes, and from communal polarization to shifting caste equations, How Modi Won It provides brilliant insight and an incisive assessment of one of the most memorable elections in recent history.

About the Author : 
Harish Khare is a journalist with over three decades of professional experience. A trained political scientist with a PhD from Yale, Khare is highly regarded as an insightful observer of Indian politics. He has worked for The Hindu, the Times of India and Hindustan Times, and his journalistic writings have been published in the New York Times, New Statesman, the Indian Express, Outlook, India Today, Open and Hard news magazine.Khare was also Media Advisor to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh between June 2009 and January 2012.He lives in Delhi.
   ISBN :  9789350099384         Price : Rs. 599.00  

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