BOOKS OF THE WEEK - 27th March 2015

The Sixth Extinction
By - James Rollins

About the Book :
When a team from a military base investigates a research station that issued an eerie distress call asking to “kill us all”, they arrive to find everything in a 50 mile radius is dead. A blight spreads throughout the land, and it threatens the entire world. Commander Gray Pierce and the Sigma Force must search the past for ans
wers, back to a time where Antarctica was once green and the fate of the world rested on a knife’s edge. In that past, there rests a secret that could help mankind survive the next extinction: its own.

About the Author
James Paul Czajkowski “Rollins” is a writer and veterinarian. He is also known for Wit'ch Fire, Wit'ch Storm and Hinterland.
   ISBN : 9781409156451        Price : Rs. 399.00