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The Verdict
Decoding India's Elections
By - Prannoy Roy & Dorab R. Sopariwala
About the Book
What are the key factors that win or lose elections in India? What does, or does not, make India's democracy tick? Is this the end of anti-incumbency? Are opinion polls and exit polls reliable? How pervasive is the 'fear factor'? Does the Indian woman's vote matter? Does the selection of candidates impact results? Are elections becoming more democratic or less so? Can electronic voting machines (EVMs) be fiddled with? Can Indian elections be called 'a jugaad system'? 
Published on the eve of India's next general elections, The Verdict uses rigorous psephology, original research and as-yet-undisclosed facts to talk about the entire span of India's electoral history from the first elections in 1952. Crucially, for 2019, it provides pointers to look out for, to see if the incumbent government will win or lose.
Written by Prannoy Roy, renowned for his knack of demystifying electoral politics, and Dorab R. Sopariwala, this book is compulsory reading for anyone interested in politics and elections in India.
About the Author :
Since 1980, Prannoy Roy has been synonymous with elections in India. He is renowned for pioneering opinion polls in their present form, which forecast results and analyse the Indian voter-politician love-hate connection. He introduced the country to psephology by explaining on television how numbers blend with politics to predict the winner. Roy is the default setting for decoding who a state, or the country, is voting for.
Roy and his wife and journalist, Radhika Roy, are founders of NDTV, awarded for several years as India's most trusted media brand. He has a PhD in economics from the Delhi School of Economics, is a qualified chartered accountant (England and Wales) and has been economic advisor with the Ministry of Finance.
Dorab R. Sopariwala has been editorial adviser with NDTV and senior consultant with Edelman India for around two decades. Earlier, he worked with market research companies in England (Metra Consulting Group) and India (first with IMRB and then with MARG, where he was the Founder-Managing Director). He has a deep and abiding interest in opinion polling, which spans four decades. He was educated at the London School of Economics and the Imperial College of Science and Technology and is a Fellow of the Royal Statistical Society.
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