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Books of the Week - Saturday, 26 March, 2022

The Maverick Effect
by - Harish Mehta

About the Book
Harish Mehta, in this exceptionally written book, provides his unique insights on the tireless efforts it took to set up NASSCOM, which played a pivotal role in enhancing the IT sector's global brand image and in helping create the great Indian middle class. I particularly liked how he quotes 'nothing is possible without men, but nothing lasts without institutions' and uses it as an allegory to talk about NASSCOM.
In this engrossing book, Harish Mehta deftly interleaves his personal memoirs with the rise of India's software industry. Most importantly, he presents the untold tale of NASSCOM, where fierce competitors worked collaboratively together to shape the future of an industry that created millions of jobs, solved the foreign exchange crisis and put Indian enterprise and technology on the world stage.
About the Author
Harish S. Mehta is the founding member and the first Chairman of NASSCOM and brought the TiE network to India in the late-90s. He is also the Founder and Executive Chairman of Onward Technologies Ltd. and the co-founder of Infinity venture fund, 2001, India's first corporatized venture fund.
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