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Books Of The Week - Saturday, 14Th October 2023

 I Am an Ordinary Man: India’s Struggle for Freedom (1914–1948)
by - Gopalkrishna Gandhi

About the Book
This book completes Mohandas K. Gandhi’s story that began in Restless as Mercury: My Life as a Young Man. That work contained the story of Gandhi’s life in his words from the time of his childhood until 1914 when, after the satyagraha launched by him in South Africa for redressing wrongs suffered there by the Indian community had ended in a measure of success, he returned to India. In this volume, we follow Gandhi’s story from the time he returned to India—his hopes, challenges, jail stints, fasts, relationship with his family, and more—completing his narrative in his own words right up to the last day of his life.
I Am an Ordinary Man (this is how Gandhi described himself at a Congress meeting in Madras on 30 January 1946) is the extraordinary account of Gandhi’s life in his own words—his political philosophies, convictions, doubts, and determinations, as well as personal struggles—against the huge canvas of India’s struggle for independence.

About the Author
Gopalkrishna Gandhi read English literature at St Stephen’s College, Delhi. A former administrator and diplomat, he has translated The Tirukkural from Tamil, authored a novel, Refuge, and a play in English verse, Dara Shukoh. He is currently Distinguished Professor at Ashoka University.
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