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Books Of The Week - Saturday, 11th May 2024

 When The Drugs Don’t Work: 
The Hidden Pandemic that Could End Modern Medicine
by Anirban Mahapatra
About the Book
Antibiotics save countless lives and make modern medicine possible. They keep us alive during and after birth, when we face sudden infections, need common surgeries, or need to manage long-term challenges like diabetes and cancer.

Now diseases caused by superbugs that defeat antibiotics are on the rise – and there are no longer any cures. Imagine a world where a simple cut can be lethal and going to the hospital is a death sentence.

This hidden pandemic of superbugs is one of the deadliest to hit our world. Unchecked, it will cause greater economic damage and kill more people than COVID-19.

In this gripping and eye-opening book, microbiologist Anirban Mahapatra explains what led to this hidden pandemic, what’s at stake, and what we can do in this war against our deadly invisible enemies.

About the Author
Anirban Mahapatra has been an influential voice in science publishing and communication for two decades. He is the author of one book, COVID-19: Separating Fact from Fiction, and writes a popular science column for the Hindustan Times.
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