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The Finish
The Killing of Osama Bin Laden

About The Book :
From Mark Bowden, the preeminent chronicler of our military and special forces, comes The Finish, a gripping account of the hunt for Osama bin Laden. With access to key sources, Bowden takes us inside the rooms where decisions were made and on the ground where the action unfolded.

After masterminding the attacks of September 11, 2001, Osama bin Laden managed to vanish. Over the next ten years, as Bowden shows, America found that its war with al Qaeda?a scattered group of individuals who were almost impossible to track?demanded an innovative approach. Step by step, Bowden describes the development of a new tactical strategy to fight this war?the fusion of intel from various agencies and on-the-ground special ops. After thousands of special forces missions in Iraq and Afghanistan, the right weapon to go after bin Laden had finally evolved. By Spring 2011, intelligence pointed to a compound in Abbottabad; it was estimated that there was a 50/50 chance that Osama was there. Bowden shows how three strategies were mooted: a drone strike, a precision bombing, or an assault by Navy SEALs. In the end, the President had to make the final decision. It was time for the finish.

About The Author :
Mark Bowden is the author of nine books, including the number 1 New York Times best seller Black Hawk Down. He reported at The Philadelphia Inquirer for twenty years and now writes for Vanity Fair, The Atlantic, and other magazines. His most recent book is Worm: The First Digital World War.
Mark Bowden is the author of the award-winning "Black Hawk Down," "Bringing the Heat," and "Doctor Dealer," A reporter for "The Philadelphia Inquirer," his articles have appeared in "Talk," "Sports Il
 ISBN : 9781611855753                                                              Price : Rs. 399.00 


Not Only the Things That Have Happened
By - Mridula Koshy

About the Book : 

A woman relinquishes her four-year-old son to tourists passingthrough town. Losing him, she loses the story of her future. Aworld away from her, the boy becomes a man without the story of hispast. Decades on, the mother struggles on her death bed to find thestory that will release her from life; the son's struggle is forthe story that will allow him to live.
Not Only the Things That Have Happened is a novel aboutthestories that make us and break us and then remake us. The noveltakes place over a thirty-six hour period, travelling betweenfar-flung places, characters, the past and the future. Time is acharacter here, revealing that though the story of our present isalways told for us, the story of the past and the future is ours totell.

About the Author : 
Mridula Koshy's short-story collection If It Is Sweet(Tranquebar Press, 2009; Brass Monkey, 2011), won the 2009 ShaktiBhatt First Book Prize and was shortlisted for the 2009 VodafoneCrossword Book Award.
Koshy lives in New Delhi and Portland, Oregon, with herpoet-school teacher partner and three exceptionally wonderfulchildren.
 ISBN : 9789350293942                                                                Price : Rs. 499.00 



About the Book 
This is his most ambitious and best. A towering history with unforgettable characters, a tale of violent rebellion, great military humiliation and political intrigue.

The story of the First Anglo-Afghan War, with striking parallels with what's going on in our neighbourhood and the world today.
A book full of literary treasures, it's even richer grander history than his bestselling The Last Mughal and The White Mughals. This is storytelling at its best, with an unforgettable cast of characters: Ranjit Singh, Shah Shuja, Dost Mohammed ... and features jewels like the Koh-i-noor, among others.
In the spring of 1839 the British invaded Afghanistan for the first time. Led by lancers in scarlet cloaks and plumed shakos, nearly 20,000 British and East India Company troops poured through the passes and re-established on the throne Shah Shuja ul-Mulk.
On the way in, the British faced little resistance. But after two years of occupation,...Read more 

About the Author : 
William Dalrymple was born in Scotland and brought up on the shores of the Firth of Forth. He wrote the highly acclaimed bestseller In Xanadu when he was twenty-two. City of Djinns won the Thomas Cook Travel Book Award and the Sunday Times Young British Writer of the Year Award. The Age of Kali won the French Prix D'Astrolabe and White Mughals won the Wolfson Prize for History 2003 and the Scottish Book of the Year Prize. The Last Mughal, was longlisted for the Samuel Johnson Prize and won the Duff Cooper Memorial Prize. Nine Lives, his most recent book, won the Asia House Award for Asian Literature. He lives with his wife and three children on a farm outside Delhi.
 ISBN : 9781408818305                                                                Price : Rs. 799.00 



About the Book
Ajit Balakrishnan is quietly experimenting with the new and fascinating technologies of the Internet in 1995 when the dot-com fever grips the world. Venture capitalists, investment bankers and lawyers pound at the doors of his tiny office in a low-rent area of Mumbai, urging him to take his company public on New York’s NASDAQ stock market. Balakrishnan sets out on this enterprise, a path that takes him through the world’s financial centres of London, Hamburg, New York, Boston and San Francisco.
This story recounts how he battles adversaries many times his size; fends off avaricious lawyers who try to extort money through class action suits in the tough courts of lower Manhattan; rebuffs investment bankers who try to engineer the sale of his company; and tries to make sense of a world where technology and business models change every few months.
He steers his company through the financial crashes of 2000 and 2008; watches in awe as terrorists bring down New York’s World Trade Centre towers; puzzles over the decline of once famous names such as AOL and Netscape and the rise of new behemoths like Facebook and Google; wrestles with India’s legal system; and pushes to bring Rediff into the new world of the Internet. Gradually, he realizes that the battles he is part of are not just business battles – they signal the dawn of the Information Age.

About The Author
Ajit Balakrishnan is the founder and CEO of, a pioneering Internet company with its head office in Mumbai and which trades on New York’s NASDAQ stock market.
He is a graduate of the Indian Institute of Management Calcutta, where he is presently Chairman of the Board of Governor.
 ISBN : 9781447218401                                                                  Price : Rs. 599.00 



About the Book
This commemorative collection of the essence of Dr. Coveys teachings on leadership, effectiveness, and management, even family and love, drawn from his bestselling books, will appeal to his millions of fans around the world.

Stephen R. Covey passed away in July 2012, leaving behind an unmatched legacy with his teachings about leadership, time management, effectiveness, success, and even love and family. A multimillion-copy bestselling author of self-help and business classics, Dr. Covey strove to help readers recognize the key elements that would lead them to personal and professional effectiveness. His seminal work, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, transformed the way people act on their problems with a compelling, logical, and well-defined process. Indeed, many of the habits have been assimilated into everyday thinking and everyday conversation. For example, the expressions win/win and first things first, to name a few, have been incorporated into almost every business culture...Read more »

About the author 
Recognized as one of Time magazine's 25 most influential Americans, Stephen R. Covey has dedicated his life to demonstrating how every person can truly control their destiny with profound, yet straightforward guidance. As an internationally respected leadership authority, family expert, teacher, organizational consultant, and author, his advice has given insight to millions. He has sold over 20 million books sold (in 38 languages), and The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People was named the #1 Most Influential Business Book of the Twentieth Century. His most recent major book, The 8th Habit , has sold nearly 400,000 copies. He holds an MBA from Harvard, and doctorate degree from Brigham Young University. He was the co-founder and vice chairman of FranklinCovey, the leading global professional services firm with offices in 123 countries. Stephen R. Covey passed away in July 2012. 
 ISBN : 9781471125959                                                                Price :  Rs. 350.00 


By - Shobhaa De

About the Book : 
Sethji is the head of the ABSP, a crucial coalition partner in the government. Shrewd, ruthless and an inveterate fighter, he is a man who refuses to play by any moral codes or lose a single battle. Easing his way is Amrita, his ravishing and aloof daughter-in-law who guards her own secrets. But when two of the country's most powerful men team up to challenge Sethji, the wily old politician has to fight the deadliest battle of his life a battle in which he must stake everything. The one person he is forced to trust is Amrita, a woman who gives nothing away, not even to Sethji. Exposing the dark, venal heart of Indian politics, Sethji is a powerful novel about ambition, greed and above all trust. Gripping, revelatory and absolutely unputdownable, this is De at her dazzling best. 

About the author : 
The obsessive-compulsive writer of fifteen books, Shobhaa De has spent the last three years in the pursuit of her first vocation, journalism. Her columns are ubiquitous, appearing in nearly every newspaper and magazine of note. They carry her customarily edgy observations on matters of politics, the economy, business and commerce, the heart and the hearth. Best-selling author, jet-setting commentator and honest critic, she is most at home in Mumbai a city which is also a recurrent 'character' in much of her work living there with her husband Dilip and (when they're around) their six children
 ISBN : 9789381626979                                                                  Price : Rs. 295.00 


Transcendental Meditation: The Essential Teachings of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. The classic text revised and updated

About the Book
Transcendental Meditation (TM) is a simple, natural method of allowing the mind to go beyond thoughts and gain access to the silent inner field of creativity, energy, peace, and happiness that is our own essential nature, our Self. Widely known and prescribed by physicians for its powerful stress-reducing effects, TM is much more than that. Maharishi Mahesh Yogi (1918–2008), who brought TM to the West, said that TM offers any individual not only a gateway to the highest spiritual unfoldment (Enlightenment), but also “sound physical and mental health, greater ability in action, a greater capacity to think clearly, increased efficiency in work, and more loving and rewarding relationships with others.” Five million TM practitioners around the world and more than 360 published, peer-reviewed scientific studies have consistently corroborated these lofty claims.
     Described as “a great book, by far the most comprehensive on the TM Program” when it was a bestseller in its original version, Jack Forem’s study of TM became a much-loved classic. This updated edition contains all the features of the original plus much more. Clear, easy-to-read diagrams explain scientific research showing TM’s beneficial effect on the brain and a broad spectrum of contemporary concerns, from health, self-actualization, and development of intelligence to post-traumatic stress (PTSD), attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), and much more. In these pages, Oprah Winfrey tells how she has offered TM to everyone on her staff. Dr. Mehmet Oz explains the benefits of TM for heart health. School principals describe the dramatically positive effect on their students when TM is introduced in the classroom. Interviews with celebrities as well as men and women of every age, background, and religion provide a lively testimonial to the efficacy of TM in making anyone’s life happier, healthier, and more creative.

About the Author
Jack Forem met Maharishi Mahesh Yogi and learned Transcendental Meditation in late 1966. After studying with Maharishi in India in 1970, Forem served as head of the TM center in New York and on Maharishi’s International Staff; taught training courses for TM teachers in Europe; led conferences and seminars on the development of creativity, leadership, and higher states of consciousness; and wrote a best-selling book on Maharishi and TM.
 ISBN : 9789381431184                                                                  PRICE : Rs. 399.00 



About The Book
‘One day a prince from one of the four great tribes will unite the sons of Aditi and he will sow the seeds of an empire that will rule the world.’
Born of a prophetic union between the Earth Goddess Gaia and Daeyus, chief of the Devas, comes the story of a child recounted by history to have become a king and retold by legend to have transcended into a god. Indra, destiny’s orphan, finds himself growing up in a vortex of treachery and tribal incumbency. Shielded from the usurpers of his birthright only by the watchful eye of the warrior sage Mitra, he first sets out to conquer the hearts of his tribesmen, and then the kingdoms of the unmapped world.
Aligning forces with his brothers by blood oath and divine intervention—Agni, Vayu, Varuna and Soma—Indra embarks on a military campaign of epic proportions, stretching from the Euphrates in Asia Minor to Harappa on the Indian subcontinent, encountering formidable armies, demonic beings and powerful goddesses, and losing the only woman he really loves. 
Will he get her to love him again? Will he avenge the death of his father? Will he assume his place in the pantheon of the gods?
In a compelling saga, blended by history, spiced by legend and mutated by myth, Rajiv G. Menon transforms ten years of research into a lightning rod of an action adventure that streaks into your consciousness with the speed of Indra’s thunderbolt.

About The Author
Before setting out on a writing career, Rajiv G. Menon was an actor, occasional screenwriter, traveler andbeach bum. A voracious reader since childhood, he was fascinated by stories and characters from Indian, Greek and Norse Mythology. Thundergod was born as a result of that fascination.
 ISBN : 9789381626979                                                               Price : Rs. 295.00 

ISBN : 9789381626979                                        Price : Rs. 295.00



About theBook
Featuring a charmingly illustrated format that will appeal to readers of all ages, this unique biography is an ideal introduction to the leader of the Tibetan government-in-exile. Born in 1935 to a peasant family in a small village, Tenzin  Gyatso  was  recognized  at  the  age  of  two  as  the reincarnation of his predecessor, the Thirteenth Dalai Lama. In 1950, His Holiness assumed full political power when China invade Tibet - a tragedy that forever changed him and shaped his efforts on behalf of world peace, for which he was award the Nobel Peace Prize. This graphic novel is an appealing and approachable depiction of the life and personality of an iconic figure.

About the Author 
Tetsu Saiwai is a manga artist from Japan. Throughout his career spanning over twenty years, he has published a number of educational mangas with regards to environmental protections and human rights issues. Aside from mangas, he is a passionate puppeteer, and plans to open a puppet troupe to advocate similar and important themes for humanity. Tetsu lives in the beautiful countryside of Western Japan with his wife and dogs.
Tetsu Saiwai is a manga artist from Japan. Throughout his career spanning over twenty years, he has published a number of educational mangas with regards to environmental protections and human rights issues. Aside from mangas, he is a passionate puppeteer, and plans to open a puppet troupe to advocate similar and important themes for humanity. Tetsu lives in the beautiful countryside of Western Japan with his wife and dogs.
 ISBN : 9780143118152                                                                PRICE : Rs. 499.00 



About the Book :
The writings contained within The Audacity of Opinion: Reflections, Journeys, Musings are a vivid reflection of myriad issues that India, as a nation, faces today. The essays are thought-provoking, prescient, and written by one who has an enviable insight into the workings of India's political, defence and economic system. During his long and celebrated career, Jaswant Singh has witnessed India's growth from within, being a part of its chequered political history. The essays touch upon complex issues including the Assam Accord, terrorism in Punjab, India as a secular, socialist republic, the challenges of diplomacy, and the nuclear conundrum. In the section 'Voices of the District', Singh touchingly writes about the acute problems due to scarcity of water, and fodder for cattle; he writes about the peoples' tenacity to fight every adverse situation.
The essays are a brilliant expose on the 'state of India', and written in Jaswant Singh's inimitable style laced with wry humour, they are a telling account of the India of today.

About the Author :
JASWANT SINGH, is one of India's most distinguished and acclaimed politicians, having served eight terms in the Parliament. He was an officer in the Indian Army in the 1960s and an alumnus of the National Defence Academy, Khadakwasta. He has held charge of six ministries including External Affairs, Defence and Finance. Responsible for foreign policy, he dealt with high tensions between India and Pakistan. He was instrumental in the Lahore-Delhi bus initiative in 1999; contributed to the unfreezing of relations and bilateral dialogues with China; helped steer the fifty-day Indo-Pak KargilWar to a conclusion; and effectively and efficiently handled relations with the United States post India's nuclear tests in Pokharan in 1998.

Jaswant Singh is a prolific writer, having authored twelve books, including the widely acclaimed Jinnah: India-Partition Independence, and has contributed widely to Indian and foreign magazines, journals on international security, defence and development issues. Singh is a visiting professor at Oxford University, an honorary professor at Warwick University, and a senior fellow at Harvard University.
Jaswant Singh is a lover of horses, being a skilled horseman himself, and has been a keen polo player.
  ISBN : 9789381506189                                                               PRICE : Rs. 895.00  

Books of the week


About the Book :
Descendent of an African slave and a Gujarati trader, Kamal Punja grew up in the ancient town of Kilwa, on the coast of East Africa. Kamal, who never knew his father, is given away by his mother to better his prospects. Years later, after a flourishing career as a doctor in Canada, he returns, in search of Saida, his childhood sweetheart. But where is Saida, and why are his efforts to find her being thwarted? Feverish, delirious, and perhaps delusional, Kamal is haunted by the past as he struggles to trace the woman he thinks he betrayed. Along the way, he must face the truth of his mixed lineage and be accountable for a chain of events he had unwittingly set off.
Set in the vivid world where Africa, Arabia and India meet, where history, poetry, and magic combine, The Magic of Saida is a haunting story of enduring love and lost childhood.

About the Author  :
M.G. Vassanji is the author of six acclaimed novels: The Gunny Sack, which won a Commonwealth Prize; No New Land; The Book of Secrets, which won the very first Giller Prize; Amriika; The In-Between World of Vikram Lall, which also received the Giller Prize in 2003; and The Assassin’s Song, which was shortlisted for the Scotiabank Giller Prize, the Governor General’s Award for Fiction and the Crossword Prize in India; and two works of non-fiction. His travel memoir about India, A Place Within: Rediscovering India, won the Governor General’s award. He is also the author of two collections of short fiction, Uhuru Street and Elvis, Raja. Vassanji lives in Toronto. 
 ISBN No. : 9780670086283                                                            Price : Rs. 499.00 

Books of the week


About The Book :
Having played a pivotal role in nation building during the freedom struggle, the Indian National Congress has since then emerged as one of the most enduring and influential political parties in the world. In the aftermath of Indira Gandhi’s assassination, the Congress swept the polls in the 1984 elections with the highest ever vote and seat tally, and reached its zenith with Rajiv Gandhi at the helm. Due to changes in polity, economy, and society, as well as the international environment, this period, however, marked the end of the Congress epoch in Indian politics.

How did the new Indian political landscape shape the development and the comeback of the Congress in the 2004 parliamentary elections in a coalition? What was the role of contemporary Congress politics, its policy, and its organization and leadership, in the face of challenges posed due to these changes? In Congress After Indira, Zoya Hasan addresses and seeks answers to these questions.

The book discusses the Ayodhya and Shah Bano controversies; economic liberalization; social inequalities; minority development; coalition government, especially the two power centres and the division of power between the prime minister and party president under the United Progressive Alliance government. The book also illuminates aspects of the India–US nuclear deal. This in-depth study of Congress from 1984 to 2009 advances our understanding and perceptions of Indian politics, and political structure and processes.

About The Author :
Zoya Hasan is Professor of Political Science at the Centre for Political Studies and former Dean of the School of Social Sciences, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi. 

  ISBN : 9780195685978                                                             PRICE : Rs. 795.00  


By - Anita Nair

About the Book : 
Introducing Inspector Borei Gowda ......
It is the first night of Ramadan. At Shivaji Nagar in the heart of Bangalore, a young male prostitute is killed and burnt alive. It would have stayed as yet another unsolved murder, but for Inspector Borei Gowda, the investigating officer. As bodies begin to pile up one after the other, and it becomes clear that a serial killer is on the prowl, Gowda recognizes a pattern in the killings which no one else does. Even as he negotiates serious mid-life blues, problems with his wife and son, an affair with an ex-girlfriend, and official apathy and ridicule, the killer moves in for the next victim ....
Steeped in the lanes and atmosphere of the city of Bangalore, Cut Like Wound introduces to the reader a host of unforgettable characters and is a brutal psychological thriller unlike any in Indian fiction.

About the Author : 
Anita Nair is the bestselling author of the novels The Better Man, Ladies Coupe, Mistress and Lessons in Forgetting. Her books have been translated into over thirty languages around the world. She is also the founder and editor of the online literary journal The Heavenly Bliss Salon for Men. She lives in Bangalore with her husband and son. 
 ISBN : 9789350293805                                                              PRICE : Rs. 299.00 

Books of the Week


About the book

24 meets the X Files in the biggest teen blockbuster of the summer...STOP THE COUNTDOWN. SAVE THE WORLD...Leaving the beach, seventeen-year-old Janelle Tenner is hit head on by a pickup truck. And killed. Then Ben Michaels, resident stoner, is leaning over her. And even though it isn't possible, she knows Ben somehow brought her back to life...Meanwhile, Janelle's father, a special agent for the FBI, starts working on a case that seems strangely connected to Ben. Digging in his files, Janelle finds a mysterious device - one that seems to be counting down to something that will happen in 23 days and 10 hours time. That something? It might just be the end of the world. And if Janelle wants to stop it, she's going to need to uncover Ben's secrets - and keep from falling in love with him in the process...

About the Author

Elizabeth Norris is a used book lover, tea addict, fringe science enthusiast, and writer. UNRAVELLING is her first novel.

 ISBN : 9780007460212                                                                 Price : Rs. : 299.00 

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About the Book
The book throws light on the factors that have shaped him as a person and politician. It details his working style, which is nearer to a CEO of a Fortune 500 company, and the role played by the members of his A-Team (which includes Kanishka Singh and Sachin Rao). 
How did Rahul Gandhi s years abroad as a student and as a management consultant influence his politics? 
What was his much-hyped revamp of the IYC and the NSUI all about? 
What are the reasons for the Congress and Rahul s humiliating defeat in the 2012 Uttar Pradesh assembly elections? 
How has he applied global management principles, like The Toyota Way and Bottom of the Pyramid , to domestic politics? 
Prime Minister Rahul Gandhi what would this mean for India? 
In a bid to demystify Brand Rahul , Decoding Rahul Gandhi chronicles his political path, which is different from that pursued by his mother Sonia, father Rajiv, and grandmother Indira. Although the 42-year-old Rahul has borrowed a few elements from them, he has carefully and deliberately added new ideas, strategies and practices from the world of business and management. Rahul s philosophy is a form of corpo-politics, where management principles are applied to political leadership, and socio-politics, where beliefs in inclusive growth are ingrained in overall strategies. 
Why have Rahul s plans flopped so far? His initiatives to inculcate internal democracy in the Congress youth and student wings were well-intentioned, but lacked a clear-cut thrust and have failed to grapple with realpolitik. Decoding Rahul Gandhi is based on dozens of interviews with political actors, members of Rahul s team in the Indian Youth Congress (IYC) and National Students Union of India (NSUI), and his friends and acquaintances. Coupled with in-depth reportage of his electoral and political campaigns, the book establishes how Rahul s politics is riddled with inconsistencies, symbolism and an opportunistic, rather than committed, engagement with national issues.

About the Author
Aarthi Ramachandran is a political journalist who has worked with leading Indian newspapers such as The Economic Times and Business Standard. She has written about the Congress for the past seven years and tracked Rahul Gandhi s political career closely. She is now a freelancer, attempting the transition from being a full time journalist to a full-time mother. She lives in Delhi with her husband and daughter.
 ISBN : 9789381626696                                                                 PRICE : Rs 350.00 

Books of the week

Assault on Merit: The Untold Story of Civil-Military Relations (Hardcover)
by R. K. Anand, Inderjit Badhwar (Edited By), Kunal Verma (Contributed By)

About the Book :
In this fast-paced and highly relevant book, veteran lawyer R.K. Anand details case studies of Indian Generals decorated soldiers and men of exceptional conscience and integrity who fell prey to the whims and fancies of manipulative civilian bureaucrats intent on perverting the promotions system in order to favour a buddy or please a political master.
Stung by these injustices, and with no other recourse, these General Officers turned to the civilian courts for redressal, and to Anand to represent them. He did so, showing remarkable zeal and dexterity in taking on the Government on behalf of these officers, most of whom had no money to spare for protracted legal battles. In most cases, Anand represented them without charging a legal fee. And in this process many of them found succor and relief though some of them after retirement despite the bureaucracy's brazen attempts at misleading the various benches through subterfuge and legerdemain to cover up its own malafides.
These well-documented case histories go to the very heart of the controversy over the date of birth of General V.K. Singh, Chief of Army Staff, and are a must reading for all who wish to understand one of the main causes for the growing trust deficit between India's apolitical armed forces and the politicized bureaucracy.

About the Author
R.K.  Anand one of India's top legal luminaries, joined the profession in the late 1960's. During his lengthy and hectic practice as lawyer he has defended three Prime Ministers of India while they were still in office, namely, Mrs Indira Gandhi, Rajiv Gandhi and P. V. Narasimha Rao. Anand is the only lawyer to have handled over ten air crash inquiries including the Kanishka air disaster.
Anand has been Chairman of the Delhi's Bar Council for two terms and was the Vice-President of the prestigious Indian Law Institute for more than five terms, each lasting three years. The institute is headed by the Chief Justice of India and two of its Vice-Presidents are India's Attorney General and Law Minister.
In his political avatar, Anand was a Member of Parliament from the state of Jharkhand between 2000 and 2006. He was President of the Jharkhand Olympic Association and succeeded in persuading the Indian sports bodies to allow Jharkhand to host the 34th National Games in Jharkhand. The games held in Jharkhand are considered as the best National Games held ever in this country.
Inderjit Badhwar is an award-winning author and journalist who has worked in the US and India on major publications and TV programmes. His 2004 novel, The Chamber of Perfumes (original title Sniffing Papa), won France's prestigious international award Le Prix Litterarire as the “best foreign debut novel,” an honour that went earlier to Salman Rushdie for Shame.
A graduate of the Columbia School of Journalism, New York, where he won the Henry Taylor recognition for “superior journalism,” Badhwar's last assignment in the US was as Senior Staff Associate for the “Washington Merrygoround” column with the legendary Jack Anderson, where Badhwar was nominated for the Pulitzer Prize. After more than 20 years as a Washington journalist and TV correspondent (including ABC-TV), Badhwar returned to India as Editor of India Today, Asia's leading English news weekly, a post he held for 10 years, before becoming Executive Producer and news anchor of TV Today and Sahara TV.
Kunal Verma an alumnus of the Doon School, Dehradun and Madras Christian College, Tambaram, is a film-maker and a writer. He has been professionally associated with the Armed Forces for over two decades. He is also the author of Ocean to Sky: India from the Air and The Long Road to Siachen: The Question Why. Under the KaleidoIndia banner, he has authoured pictorials on the Military World Games, The Assam Rifles and more recently the three-part Northeast Trilogy that maps the entire peoples and the vast expanse of the entire Northeast.

  ISBN : 9788124117002                                                                                                 Price : Rs. 495.00 


The Time Keeper
By - Mitch Albom

About the Book: 
The eagerly awaited new bestseller.
An inspirational novel in the vein of For One More Day.
From the author who's inspired millions worldwide with books like Tuesdays With Morrie and The Five People You Meet In Heaven comes his most imaginative novel yet, The Time Keeper - a compelling fable about the first man on earth to count the hours. The man who became Father Time.
In Mitch Albom's newest work of fiction, the inventor of the world's first clock is punished for trying to measure God's greatest gift. He is banished to a cave for centuries and forced to listen to the voices of all who come after him seeking more days, more years. Eventually, with his soul nearly broken, Father Time is granted his freedom, along with a magical hourglass and a mission: a chance to redeem himself by teaching two earthly people the true meaning of time.
He returns to our world - now dominated by the hour-counting he so innocently began - and commences a journey with two unlikely partners: one a teenage girl who is about to give up on life, the other a wealthy old businessman who wants to live forever. To save himself, he must save them both. And stop the world to do so.
Told in Albom's signature spare, evocative prose, this remarkably original tale will inspire readers everywhere to reconsider their own notions of time, how they spend it and how precious it truly is.

About the Author : 
An internationally renowned best-selling author of nine books, Mitch Albom is a journalist, screenwriter, playwright, radio and television broadcaster and musician.
"Mitch Albom sees the magical in the ordinary"- Cecilia Ahern
"Mitch Albom, in this new book, once again demonstrates why he is one of my favourite writers. For One More Day will make you smile. It will make you wistful. It will make you blink back tears of nostalgia"- James McBride, author of The Color Of Water

 ISBN : 9781847442253                                                               Price : Rs. 499.00 

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About The Book
Epicurean, travel addict, voracious reader, art appreciator, astonishingly talented designerWendell Rodricks is a man who wears many hats. From growing up in a glorified Bombay chawl crowded with eccentrics, to building homes in Muscat, Istanbul and the French Riviera; from quenching childhood hunger pangs with water, to feasting on the canard au sang at La Tour DArgent in Paris; from falling in love with the man with whom he would sign a civil union, to putting his ancestral land of Goa firmly on the global fashion map; from being a novice in the hospitality industry, to exhibiting at Pret-a-Porter Salon de Paris and IGEDO, Dusseldorf; from designing clothes for his family, to dressing style icons such as Catherine Deneuve, Meg Ryan, Lisa Ray and Freida PintoWendells life has been an extraordinarily rich and exciting one.
Peppered with wry observations and startling insights, The Green Room is not just the story of one man but also of the evolution of the Indian fashion industry over twenty- five years. It is both a deeply personal journey and a window into the enchanting yet fickle world of the rich and the famous, the beautiful and the neurotic, the gossips and the bores. 
Candid, irreverent and unfailingly entertaining, this is a memoir of the man who gave India minimalism, resort wear and eco-friendly clothing long before these words became fashionable. It is a sparkling piece of writing that tells the story of a fascinating life lived with unusual courage and flair.

About The Author 
Wendell Rodricks spent his childhood in Bombay and started his working life in Muscat. He then moved to Los Angeles and Paris to study fashion design and couture. He returned to India in 1988 and quickly gained repute as a designer, working with renowned brands such as Garden Vareli, Lakme and De Beers. He established his own label in 1990 and moved base in 1993 to Colvale, Goa. 
A pioneer in the world of Indian fashion, Wendell is considered one of the most influential designers in the country and has received international acclaim for his work. Wendell also writes about fashion and lectures on world costume history. His book on the history of Goan costume, Moda Goa, was published in 2012. He is passionate about art, music, literature, food, travel and Goas environment.

  ISBN : 9788129120229                                                                  Price : Rs. 595.00 

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By Sam Bourne 

About the Book :
Europe is ablaze. America is undecided about joining the fight against Nazism. And James Zennor, a brilliant, troubled, young Oxford don is horrified. He returns one morning from rowing to discover that his wife has disappeared with their young son, leaving only a note declaring her continuing love. A frantic search through wartime England leads James across the Atlantic and to one of Americas greatest universities, its elite clubs and secret societies right to the heart of the American establishment. And in his hunt for his family, James unearths one of the darkest and deadliest secrets of a world at war

About The Author :
Sam Bourne is the pseudonym of Jonathan Freedland, an award-winning journalist and broadcaster. He has written a weekly column for The Guardian since 1997, having previously served as the paper’s Washington correspondent, and presents Radio 4’s contemporary history programme, The Long View. In the annual What the Papers Say Awards of 2002 Jonathan Freedland was named Columnist of the Year, and in 2008 he won the David Watt Prize for Journalism. His first novel, The Righteous Men, was a Sunday Times Number 1 bestseller. His subsequent novels have all been top five bestsellers. He lives in London with his wife and their two children.

ISBN : 9780007477302                                                                   PRICE RS.  325.00

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