About the book : 
Written with the full cooperation of Hillary Clinton and her staff, The Secretary is the first book of its kind: a detailed look at an intensely private woman--arguably the most powerful woman in the world--from an author with both an insider and a global perspective. 
The Secretary tells the story of Hillary Clinton's tenure as Secretary of State: from the first days of the Obama administration, to the drama of Wikileaks, to the "Arab Spring" uprisings, the killing of Osama bin Laden, and the standoff with Iran. Though Ghattas's eyes, we see Clinton under the intense professional spotlight commanded by the worlds chief diplomat, but also in the softer lighting of the more personal nuances of foreign relations - cheerfully boarding her plane at 5 AM after no sleep, committing an embarrassing blunder while going off-script at an Israeli press conference, handily working out some limo ride diplomacy between the Turks and the Armenians. 
Viewed through Ghattas's vantage point as a half-Dutch, half-Lebanese citizen who grew up in the crossfire of the Lebanon civil war--and her personal quest to understand America's place in a rapidly changing global landscape--the book offers a close-up of diplomacy at the highest level while seeking to answer pivotal questions about the United States. Is America still the global superpower? If not, who or what will replace it, and what will it mean for America and the world? 

About the Author
Kim Ghattas has been the BBC's State Department Radio and TV correspondent since 2008, and travels regularly with the Secretary of State. She was previously a Middle East correspondent for the Financial Times, based in Beirut. Ghattas was part of an Emmy Award-winning team covering the Lebanon-Israel conflict of 2006. Her work has also appeared in Time magazine, the Boston Globe, NPR, and the Washington Post. She lives in Washington, DC.
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