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Sita Under The Crescent Moon
By - Annie Ali Khan

About the Book
In present-day Pakistan, in the far corners of lyari in Karachi, or hingol in Balochistan, or thatta in Sindh, tightly knit groups of women keep alive the folklore, songs and legends of sati—their name for Sita in the Ramayana. In Sita under the Crescent moon, Annie Ali Khan travels with women devotees, those without resources, on pilgrimages to retrace the way they worship the goddess. Who are these pilgrims? How did this relationship with Sati start, and why is she so significant? Even while narrating the stories and experiences of these pilgrims, Sita under the Crescent moon shows how worship has changed mind-sets and altered many of the mores of the land. The sacral sites, made up of clay and thread, grant a woman power and autonomy to fight her circumstances and transcend her worldly lot if not all the time, at least in prolonged moments of worship that take her to a different, uplifted spiritual Zone and a new understanding of the world.

About the Author :
Annie Ali Khan was a writer and freelance journalist. Her work has appeared in Caravan, Roads & Kingdoms, Slate, Herald and elsewhere. Annie graduated with a master’s degree in journalism from Columbia University’s School of Journalism in 2011. Sita under the Crescent Moon is her first book.
ISBN : 9789386797483   
Price : Rs. 599.00
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