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India’s World 
How Prime Minsters Shaped Foreign Policy
by - Rajiv Dogra

ISBN: 9789389967401
Rs. 595.00
About the Book : When Narasimha Rao became the prime Minister in 1991, just a billion dollars separated India from bankruptcy. He was told by finance minister Manmohan Singh, that Petrol pumps would run dry after two weeks. India was forced to ship 46.8 million tonnes of gold to secure dollar 400 million in loans from the Bank of England and Bank of Japan. This blow to the National pride may not have been comparable to the military humiliation of 1962, but it was bad enough. Carved in riveting prose, India’s world is about such trials and many triumphs of the country. Since Independence, eight prime ministers, in particular, have been the principal architects of India’s rise. From Nehru, Venerated as a resolute statesman and one of the great political minds of the last century, to Modi who is acknowledged as a determined doer, the book offers a crystal clear portrait of India’s leaders. This lively volume celebrates the myriad ways in which they have made history. It asks and answers questions that people often debate about. Who was the great Indian prime Minister, complete in every respect If there was one, could it be Nehru, Indira or Rao Or, is it Modi Elegantly written by one of India’s finest strategic minds, it is a must-read for those curious about India’s place in the world. There are messages too for a future Indian prime Minister on what to expect.
About the Author : RAJIV DOGRA is a writer, television commentator and artist. A career foreign service officer, he was India’s Ambassador to Italy and Romania, the Permanent Representative to the United Nations Agencies in Rome and the last Consul General in Karachi. An active public speaker, Rajiv Dogra is one of India’s foremost commentators on foreign policy and strategic affairs and is noted for his considered and assertive views. He is the bestselling author of Where Borders Bleed, Durand’s Curse and Second Night.
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